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At Wilhelm, we have Leadership Experience that can match anyone in the industry but what sets us apart is our Dedication and Desire to do any job, no matter the size, with the passion and commitment to Community that our customers and partners have come to expect. The Safety of our communities, our employees and our partners is our main priority and our main focus. With the most Hungry and Proven Team in the industry, we pride ourselves in helping people by providing vegetation management, tree maintenance and disaster recovery services to customers across the US. With offices in Georgia, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi and California, we are uniquely positioned to rapidly and efficiently meet our customers' needs.


Our people are our greatest resource and we have the best people in the business. With the unique combination of Leadership Experience and a Passionate and Driven team, Wilhelm takes pride in completing any job, any size with focus and a hunger unmatched in the industry. Wilhelm maintains professional team members located all over the United States prepared to rapidly and efficiently respond to every maintenance, recovery and restoration project.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Wilhelm has accomplished the work ahead of schedule in every case, and are excellent to work with"

Ronnie J.
Phillips & Jordan, Inc

"Wilhelm's field crews completed the removal of unsafe hangers and trees from approximately 34 miles of the city's greenway trails in less than two months."

Robert V.
SOUTHTECH Engineering

"Wilhelm performed the work in a safe and efficient manner. Would use Wilhelm anytime!"

Larry H.
US Forest Service
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