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Northern California


Tree Removal & Debris Removal

Wilhelm, LLC is a leading vegetation management contractor supporting property management companies, vineyards, and residents in northern California. With locations in Petaluma CA and Oroville CA, our tree service area covers Sonoma County and Marin County.  

Wilhelm specializes in critical line clearance, hazard tree removal, vegetation management, wildfire response, and roadway debris removal.

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Commercial Tree Service

Commercial services include everything from distribution and transmission right-of-way clearance to utility forestry consulting services.

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Vegetation Management

 We specialize in mitigation plans and disaster response operations with crews and equipment able to perform in the most rugged conditions. 

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Debris Removal

Debris removal operations with specialized equipment and certified experts for large projects or storm cleanup.

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Our crews are able to work in the most rugged conditions in both remote and densely  populated locations. Our commitment to the safety of our crews, the environment, and the surrounding communities is our number one priority.


Industry Leaders

At Wilhelm, we have leadership experience that can match anyone in the industry but what sets us apart is our dedication and desire to do any job-- no matter where you are located in the United States-- with the commitment that our customers and partners have come to expect.

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