Wilhelm is the leader in the vegetation management industry, bringing the latest technology to a wide array of markets. We serve the electric, railroad, telephone, chemical, manufacturing, forestry and many other commercial market segments. Our services are also provided to all levels of government including Federal, State, County and Municipal entities. The services provided by Wilhelm enable our customers to operate more cost effectively, keep their employees and the public safe, and comply with local, state and Federal regulations.


Wilhelm’s utility services include everything from distribution and transmission right-of-way clearance to to utility forestry consulting services. Our solutions include reliability-focused work planning, landowner notification, program evaluations and systems reviews. We have worked with companies like Georgia Power, Edison, PG&E and Florida Power on both the east and west coasts of the US.


Disaster recovery has been Wilhelm’s specialty across the United States since 2000. No matter what the disaster, be it a hurricane, tornado, ice storm, or high winds, we are able to logistically assemble and mobilize personnel, contractors and equipment to provide assistance to devastated areas.

We have had the opportunity to help communities across the US during the following disasters:

California Wildfires

Tubs 2017

Mendocino Complex 2018

Carr Fire 2018

Camp Fire 2018


Isabel 2003

Katrina 2005

Rita 2005

Wilma 2005

Matthew 2016

Irma 2017

Maria 2017

Florence 2018

Michael 2018


Wilhelm has supported response and recovery efforts for federal, state, and local Governments and agencies as well as private sector customers across the U.S., following virtually every federally declared disaster since 2000. We’re able to immediately deploy as soon as an emergency response is needed, and we enact our project management services to oversee the management of all relief efforts.

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