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Professional Tree Services

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Tree Removal

Whole trees may need to be removed when they are diseased, dead, or infested with insects. They also may need to be removed when they are competing with other trees for space and sunlight, or when the roots are growing too close to foundations or utilities.


Complete tree removal will not always be necessary, but when it is, Wilhelm is equipped with state of the art equipment such as bucket trucks, climbers, and cranes to tackle any job.

Trimming and Pruning

Dying, or dead limbs need to be trimmed not only to keep a tree healthy, but also to keep your yard safe. If a tree is not properly trimmed, storms or even wind can cause a limb to break, causing damage to your yard or your home.


At Wilhelm, we want to preserve the lives of your trees and the safety of your family and home.

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Stump Removal

Once a tree is removed, you may be left with an unattractive stump in your yard. Roots and stumps can cause trip hazards to you or your children, and they can also become a nice home for unwanted pests.


Until a stump is removed, your tree job is not complete. We even have the equipment to level out property once the stump is ground!

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